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Unlocking the magic of learning with AI

We enable teachers to future-proof our education system

Today’s education system is outdated and no longer able to  prepare our children for a world defined by change and instability.

Teachers are at the forefront of this need for change and increasingly seeking new ways to educate our future generation.
Digital content
Class and education material become digital content-easy to adapt to an ever-changing world.
Interactive projects
Frontal lectures become interactive projects -prone to prepare students with core competencies for the future workforce.
Teachers become masters of customization -able to adapt to best fit the individuals student's learning style.
Prepared content
Professionally prepared content is already a commodity in many other industries (e.g. consulting), so that the focus can be on the essentials.

We are going to revolutionise schooling

Modulu is the centralised platform with decentralised content for teachers, that helping teachers to manage, prepare and deliver their classes more easily and effectively.
No similar offer in the market
Content preparation
The content from teachers is prepared in a highly professional way by Modulu
Content library
31.5% of total working time is spent by teachers to prepare the classes*.

Save your time — get access a library of high-quality teaching content including paid and free teaching content from various sources which is 100% in line with the according curriculum
Content management
Developing, editing and delivering teaching content efficiently
Rewards for sharing content and connecting with fellow teachers. The prepared content can be accessed by all Modulu users. The storage on the blockchain enables an attractive financial participation for the teachers depending on the content usage
Data-based Insights
Get insights on how to improve teaching content to improve students engagement and performance
Modulu enables teachers to focus on the most important — 

the education of our all children

Teachers content is protected and incentivized on the blockchain

Approval of content ownership
The author of the content is traceable at any time
Teachers become authors
Every teacher is enabled to become an author.
Direct payment and incentivisation
The more a content is used the more an author receives compensation

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